I am neither a knowledgable lepidopterist nor skilfull photographer, so the results you see are mostly due to the imput from the following people, who I shall introduce as they entered my butterfly life.

Firstly my partner Lois Piroch who has accompanied me on all my lengthy expeditions, including Iron Range N.P. & who has not only located many specimens but also several of her photographic contributions are included.

Frank Pierce my long time "birding’ buddy with whom I have passed many an enjoyable day chasing birds & butterflies & who is the only other image provider.

Kelvyn Dunn who showed me the fundamentals of butterfly life histories on a visit to Churchill N.P. & with whom I have had many informative conversations.

Fabian Douglas who detailed very many locations to find butterflies, particularly in the Victorian Mallee & with whom I have shared many a long phone conversation.

John Olive who shared his experiences & hospitality & who introduced me to :

Ian Hill who has been the biggest influence on the outcome of this challenge & who has offered me great hospitality & friendship & with whom I have shared many an enjoyable safari. Whilst I have seen in the field all but a handful of the butterflies photographed, Ian has supplied me with numerous fresh specimens for obvious better results.

Bob Miller who also shared several very pleasant outings & who is a great life history finder.

Rob Ham who generously gave me his Chaetocneme porphyropis pupa.

Matt Williams who provided me with enormous assistance in locating the butterflies of W.A, including maps, GPS co-ordinates etc,. Without those guides there is no way I could have found so many species in such a huge area.

Andy Williams whom I met briefly but who followed up on my subterrestris sighting.

Richard Weir, Steve Brown & Cliff Meyer. "The Team".   Collectively & individually they have given me enormous assistance with site locations, maps, GPS co-ordinates etc., & escorted me on local field trips. Also they have offered me hospitality & friendship which I greatly value.

Grant Miller, often seen in company with the above. Spent several pleasant & productive days in the field with Grant & who also has given me many site locations. He showed my where & how to collect pupae of Telicota brachydesma which I did successfully & which was my first Hesperidae larvae/pupae located.

David Lane whom I finally met on a shared trip to Iron Range N.P. after several phone conversations in which he happily detailed local butterfly sites. During the above trip David shared some of his knowledge to an interested listener.

John Landy whose helpful advice & generous offers have been hugely welcomed. We have also shared several most pleasant days in the field.

Ian Knight, the Tasmanian expert, who despite never having met me offered his kind hospitality, a map of Tasmania with the route I should take clearly marked, with red dots to indicate my various stopping points. These dots were accompanied by remarkably accurate & detailed "mud maps" Needless to say on the two trips in early 2009 I was able to locate all desired species. I have since shared with Ian a couple of productive & interesting trips to the Torres Strait.

Trevor Lambkin - Who organised the above mentioned Torres Strait trips & whose knowledge of the butterflies of the area he kindly revealed.

Martin Purvis, a fellow butterfly photographer with whom I have exchange many enlightening E-mails, & with whom I spent a very interesting day in his patch, the Blue Mountains.

Cleve Herd – The new boy on the block in 2009 but with whom I have now shared many field trips & exchanged many specimens. I have also been a welcome guest on several occasions.

David Burren who advised me on the photographic equipment I should purchase.

Mark Stewart who taught me how to use it to a respectable level.

Alex Stolarski - The S.A. expert who kindly directed me to several species in his area & whose generous hospitality I enjoyed. Also many pleasant phone conversations.

Peter Wilson - Without his guidance I most certainly would have failed to locate the 3 species found in the Kulumburu area of the Kimberley. He also found many larvae in Iron Range N.P. enabling me to obtain photographs of several species which I again would have failed to secure. A generous & most helpful friend.

Peter Samson - Most pleasant company on a shared trip to Iron Range N.P.   Kindly offered several images we required for the planned book.

Gary Sankowski - With whom I am providing images for a book he is preparing. I also spent several hours on a guided tour of his amazing rainforest garden.

Geoff. Walker
23rd September 2009/2nd August 2017


 17th August 2012 :            Taxonomy as per Braby 2010 & 2011.